Rock climbing

Climbing is first and foremost about sharing a good time with fellow climbers in the great outdoors.

The playfield around Provence and the French Riviera is both vast and multifarious. Those who helped forge the history of this sport have explored it time and again.We all share a memory of that first day we climbed on the beautiful limestone. The first routes, the first belaying, the mutual trust and the pleasure felt when getting to the top! Whether you're a beginner or looking to perfect your skills, a vast choice is available to you : the red rocks of the Esterel, or the beautiful orange grey limestone ? A view out to the sea or a trip into the heart of Provence ? We will help you select your perfect climbing adventure in Provence and the French Riviera. .

The sites : The Calanques National Park,near Cassis The Sainte-Victoire Mountain near Aix en Provence, The Vallon Sourn near Correns, the first organic Village hidden in the heart of Provence, The Cape Dramont near Saint-Raphaël, the highlands aboveNice, The Turbie with its view onto Monaco


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